Artashes Shahinyan

Արտաշես ՇահինյանIn 1965 under the direct leadership and initiative of academician Artashes Shahinyan was founded the special physic-mathematical school named after A. Shahinyan under the auspices of Yerevan State University. Artashes Shahinyan was born on 19th December , 1906 in Alexandrapol (now Gyumri) in Armenia.

1926 Graduated from Yerevan Industrial College
1929 Graduated from Yerevan University, faculty of Pedagogic, Physic-mathematical Department . He was E. Smirnov’s student.
1929-1978 Lectured  at Yerevan University
1929-1933 Assistant of mathematics at Yerevan University and Polytechnic Institute,   Acting manager of assistant professor and head of department
1934-1937 Post-graduate of Mathematics and Mechanics Research  Institute attached to Leningrad University
1938-1944 Head of the Geometry Department at Yerevan University
1939 Awarded Scientific Degree of Candidate of physic-mathematical science, Awarded Scientific Rank of Professor
1939-1942 Dean of physic-mathematical faculty at Yerevan University
1944 Awarded Doctor’s Scientific Degree in Physic-mathematical Science
1944-1955 Head of mathematics and physics section at AS in ASSR
1944-1977 Head of faculty of Theoretical Math’s Analyses and Functions of physic mathematical faculty at Yerevan University
1945 Elected as an associate member of Armenian AS
1946 Awarded with”Ashkhatankain ariutyan hamar” medal (for labor velour)
1947 Elected Armenian AS Academician
1950-1964 Academician-secretary of Armenian AS physic-mathematical science section and Member of Academy Presidency
1953 Awarded with “Ashkhatankain karmir drosh” medal (labor red flag)
1955-1959 Head of Armenian AS Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics
1967 Armenian Supreme Soviet VII Assembly delegate
1970 Awarded Armenian Honored Scientist’s rank
1971 Awarded with “Ashkhatankain karmir drosh” medal (labor red flag) Armenian Supreme Soviet VII Assembly delegate
1977 Awarded with “Zhoghovurdneri barekamutyan” medal (Nations’ Friendship) for developing mathematician science, for the merit gained at preparing future specialists and on the occasion of 70th anniversary of his birthday
1978 Died on18th May in Yerevan