About Us


Special Physic-mathematical School after Artashes Shahinyan attached to Yerevan State University was founded in 1965 by academician Ar. Shahinyan’s immediate initiative.

The school, being the unique one in its type and quality, has been faithful to its mission for about 50 years. During the last 48 years it has taken a great number of initiatives. In 1994, when Armenians were in serious social-economic condition and the science and education were pushed back Ar. Shahinyan‘s Physic-mathematical Public Boarding School took new initiative to organize teachers’ annual methodological scientific conference. During these years it has not only survived but also increased its activity involving regional teachers.

The science union has been managed by such well-known and respectable scientist-pedagogues as academician E. Ghazaryan, professor H. Yeritsyan, Bachelors of Science of physics and mathematics F. Melik-Adamyan, A. Vagharshakyan, O. Mikaelyan, E. Youzbashyan and honored pedagogue of physic-mathematical school R. Martirosyan.

The work of science union has been organized in 2 groups: mathematics’ and physics’. Some of the interesting and valuable reports have been printed in different science systematic periodicals.

In 2003 the jubilee 10th science conference coincided with the foundation of Shahinyan’s corner , which was opened up by aesthetic-educational center at school.

14.01.2015 In result of appraisement of schools of RA Physmath school the first place has occupied the school in series of best schools of Armenia.

A quadripartite Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between the Ministry of Education and Science of Armenia, VivaCell-MTS, Synopsys Armenia and Unicomp. The MOU envisions implementing the educational project 2015 year in five educational establishments throughout the country such as school with a special profile in physics and mathematics named after Artashes Shahinyan, including the establishment of laboratories for the three above mentioned subjects.
Three departments of mathematics, physics and computer science work in our school.

Experienced specialists and manage correspondingly the following sections of Armenian Language and Literature, Russian, Foreign Languages, History and Geography, Chemistry and Biology.
The school is rich in technical equipment. The laboratories of Chemistry and Biology as well as Physics are provided with necessary material and installation.

Computer science lessons are held in 4 studies with computers. Free internet has been provided. Our school pays great attention not only to student’s mental activities but also to their physical health. Big tennis court, basketball and volleyball fields help to realize the above mentioned program. The school has got psychological support.


It is rich in reading and specialized literature which is enjoyed by the students and workers. We often organize intellectual competition- games , welcome festivals by the help of aesthetic-education center. Permanent work and effort of the authority ,all the departments ,the methodical unions ,the laboratories and studies, the library as well as the aesthetic-education center and all the staff work is aimed at contributing the efficiency of teaching and educational activities.

If needed the school provides comfortable hostel rooms.